Week 9 Done

Week 9 Done

Hey everyone,

Here is an update on whats been happening on week 9 of the DTS!

There is less than a month left until I and 7 other students are beginning our outreach!

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support.

This week we had our base leader, Etienne Pieterse, speaking to us on ‘Biblical Worldview and God’s Calling on Our Life’. We spent a few days on Biblical Worldview and a few days on Our Calling.

During the Biblical Worldview days we spoke about the different types of world views, secular, animistic and biblical, around the world. A secular worldview is a view of the world where man is in complete control of everything. An animistic world view is a view of the world where every form of creation has a spirit and is therefore alive. A biblical world view is a view where God is at the centre of everything and we base our decisions and the way we act on what is written in the Bible. As Christians we should have a biblical worldview at all times, trying to see the world view the eyes of God.

During the days on Our Calling we talked about how to better understand what God is calling you to do. We were given plenty of time to talk to God and to better understand his calling. I still need to pray about it as i’m still unsure as to what the next chapter in my life will be.

On Wednesday each student was asked to give a presentation on an unreached people group and then lead the base in a time of intercessory prayer for that people group. I spoke on the Chenchu people group of India.

All in all it was a really good week!

Prayer Points

Continued spiritual growth for everyone on the DTS
Good Health for all the students on this DTS and also a safe flight home from outreach for the previous DTS
Outreach finances for myself and other students. – I need about 700 AUD (400 GBP) for the final Outreach payment due in less than a week
The best way to contact me is by email: timothycdavis17@gmail.com

If you would like to support me financially you can visit http://ywamibs.org/donate/ and you can pay directly to the YWAM base to support my outreach fees.

I’ve also setup a GoFundMe page to make it easier for people who want to support me financially – https://www.gofundme.com/td-vanuatu-outreach

Thanks for reading and God bless,

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