Week 8 Done

Week 8 Done

Hey everyone,

Can’t believe week 8 of the DTS lecture phase is finished. Just 4 more weeks until the lecture phase is over and the outreach phase begins!

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support.

This last week has definitely been the busiest week of the DTS so far. We were joined by the Brisbane, Byron Bay and Canberra YWAM bases for a evangelism and conference week. The number of people who joined us for lectures grew from around 20 to around 80!

The usual schedule for a week on the base was thrown away for this week as most of the usual things we do didn’t happen. Every afternoon, apart from Thursday and Friday, we all went into the streets and did some street evangelism. Every night we attended a conference in a large tent. This conference was very interesting as almost every night there were some miraculous signs and wonders. The Holy Spirit was really moving!

For me the street evangelism was really difficult at first. I had never really done any street evangelism, so this was a completely new thing for me. The Monday was the hardest day as I just wondered around handing out leaflets to the conference we were attending and never spoke to anyone. Things got better on the Tuesday, mainly because I was partnered with someone who was brilliant at approaching people and talking to them. We ended up praying for someone, and they ended up attending the conference that night!

I really stepped out my confort zone on Wednesday when I was asked to give my testimony during our Wednesday outreach at Mt Druitt. Our Wednesday outreach takes place just outside the mall, so it’s quite a busy location. I was basically asked to give an open air testimony to a large number of people. If you know me you would know how scary that idea is to me, but I came to the DTS to step out of my comfort zone, so I agreed to do it and as I was speaking, although not for very long, I definitely felt a sense of peace. I really think the Holy Spirit helped me speak.

Over the weekend our base spent a load of time catching up on lost sleep and on the Saturday a few of us visited Bondi beach which was cool.

Prayer Points

  • Continued spiritual growth for everyone on the DTS
  • Good Health for all the students on this DTS and also the outreach team from the previous DTS
  • Outreach finances for myself and other students. – I need about 700 AUD (400 GBP) for the final Outreach payment

The best way to contact me is by email: timothycdavis17@gmail.com

If you would like to support me financially you can visit http://ywamibs.org/donate/ and you can pay directly to the YWAM base to support my outreach fees.

I’ve also setup a GoFundMe page to make it easier for people who want to support me financially – https://www.gofundme.com/td-vanuatu-outreach

Thanks for reading and God bless,

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