Week 4 Done

Week 4 Done

Hey everyone,

This last week has flown by but it has been an amazing week!

This week we had Gord Whyte speaking to us. What a week! What was supposed to be a week on the Father Heart of God turned into a week on the Father Heart of God, Spiritual Warfare, Healing and the Holy Spirit!

The week started of talking about the Father Heart of God, basically understanding what God’s heart is. One point I took from this week is that “The Father Heart of God is that God wants his children back”. We spoke about having an orphan spirit when really we should remember that God has given us a spirit of sonship! An orphan spirit is a feeling that you don’t belong in the Kingdom of God, you don’t feel worthy and find it hard to feel the unconditional love of the Father. A spirit of sonship is the knowledge that you belong in the Kingdom and understand and feel fully the love of the Father.

The Prodigal Son parable is the essence of the Father Heart of God. God will never abandon us no matter how far we stray from him. He, like the father in the parable, is always looking out for us, just waiting for us to return to him and when we return he will lift us up and love us the same!

After talking on the Father Heart we had a few days of the Holy Spirit and Spiritual warfare. These days were crazy! I’m not sure how to write about what happened this week. All I’ll say is there was a definite sense of the Holy Spirit in this place and it has touched all the students here, including myself, very deeply. There is also a definite battle going on between the enemy and us, the children of God.

On the last day of teachings, so Friday, we had an amazing time learning about Healing. How it happens, how to pray for healing, the different types of healing and various other things. Gord told us his awesome testimony of how he had kidney failure in the early years of his walk with God. He was extremely ill and probably weeks away from dying.The doctors had tried everything but they felt there was no way of saving him. Somebody told his wife to read James 5:14 which reads:

“Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord.” – James 5:14

So his wife called the elders of their church to come and pray for Gord. While they were praying nothing happened, so everyone left. That night Gord said he saw Jesus in his hospital room. Jesus approached Gord’s bed, put his hand on his chest and said “You are healed”. As he said this Gord felt a tremendous amount of volts go through his body, like he was being shocked by lightning. He woke up the next morning completely healed!

After he told us the testimony he taught us a model for how to heal people depending on what type of illness they had. The illness could be physical, emotional, and even demonic. After had had given us this model he showed us a healing. He had us all put our hands together in front of us with our arms stretched out fully. He then picked someone whose finger tips weren’t aligned properly, so one of their arms was shorter than the other. We all watched him pray for this student and saw the shorter arm grow! A feeling of amazement and confusion filled the atmosphere. He then prayed for a student whose legs weren’t the same length, and the same thing happened to the student’s legs!

After witnessing this Gord had us all pray for another student and we saw similar healings!

This week has been an eye opener for me and will spend the next few days going through my notes and processing everything. All I can say is that the Holy Spirt is definitely around today, there is a spiritual battle still going on which God is winning and that God still heals today!

Prayer Points

  • 2 passports needed for students from previous DTS
  • Good Health for all the students on this DTS and also the outreach team from the previous DTS
  • Outreach finances for myself and other students. – needing about 2,000 AUD (1,000 GBP) for the final Outreach payment

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