Week 11 Done

Week 11 Done

Hey guys,

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support.

Just finished week 11, just 1 more week of the lecture phase to go! All the students are really excited about beginning the outreach.

This week we had a week on Evangelism and Stewardship and had 3 seperate speakers come and teach us. We were able to get different viewpoints on what the best way to evangelise is and I know that with only 11 days until we start our outreaches all the students found what we were taught very useful.

Before this week I always felt that when I evangelised if I didn’t lead that person to Christ I had failed, and every time I was unsuccessful I felt discouraged. This week has taught me that every time we evangelise to someone we are bringing them one step closer to accepting Jesus. I also learned that we are not responsible for the outcome of evangelism, that part is down to God, we are only called to obey what God is telling us.

When I used to hear the word evangelism I always thought of street evangelism. Street evangelism is the type of evangelism in which you approach strangers on the street and talk to them. The idea of doing that has always scared me, but now I understand that evangelism can be performed in many forms and is not just street evangelism.

All in all the lectures we encouraging!

On Sunday we all visited the Blue Mountains and had a great hike for a few hours. The weather was great and the views were unbelievable! Below are some pictures from the day out.

God Bless,

Prayer Points

  • Clear understanding of the call of God on my life
  • Continued spiritual growth for everyone on the DTS
  • Good Health for all the students on this DTS
  • Outreach finances for other students (I now have enough!)

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