Second Week Done

Second Week Done

Hey everyone,

Thanks for all the support I’ve received since starting the DTS!

I’ve just completed the second week! This week has been pretty busy too, the lectures were brilliant and very thought provoking.

Last Sunday morning we got to choose a local church to visit so I and a few others decided to visit an African church called The Redeemed Christian Church of God. We were welcomed with open arms at this church and enjoyed some great worship! On Sunday evening we visited Hillsong again to experience one of their evening services.

From Monday through to Friday we had the pleasure of hearing from Tom Hallas (one of the first YWAMers) on the character and nature of God. The lectures we received from him were excellent and we definitely learned plenty about what God’s character is like. One of the things I learned is that Jesus is the best representation of what God’s character is like. I’m still trying to wrap my head around some of the things that he said because he gave us a lot of information.

On Wednesdays we fast for the day and then do some community outreach in the afternoon. The outreach just consists of handing out food and drink to those in need, displaying the love of God to these people and sharing who God is.

On Friday morning the Sports DTS team (my DTS) got to visit a junior school a few minutes away from the base to serve breakfast to some of the children there.

After lectures on Friday we were told the choices we have for outreach locations. We were given 2 pairs of countries (Australia and Vanuatu – Thailand and Cambodia) and have to chose 1 of them. I’m still asking God where he wants me to go and need to give an answer by tomorrow.

I’m having an awesome time here so far!

Prayer Points:

  • I and the rest of the team choose the right countries to go on outreach to
  • That I continue to learn more about God and grow closer to him
  • The team continues to be a blessing to the local community
  • Finances (still needing some more financial support for the outreach costs)

God bless,

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