Outreach Complete!

Outreach Complete!

Hey everyone,

The 8 week long outreach phase of the DTS has finished! I can’t believe that 5 months have passed since week 1 of the DTS. The last few months have been some of the best months of my life. I’ve met some amazing people, had some amazing experiences and most importantly have grown closer to God!

I just want to say a massive thanks to everyone who has prayed and supported me over the last 5 months and over the last 8 weeks in particular. So what have I been up to over the last 8 weeks?

I spent 2 of the 8 weeks in Byron Bay, Australia and 6 weeks in Vanuatu. In this blog post, the final one of the DTS, I’ll just say what happened in both places.

Byron Bay

After around a 10 hour drive we finally made it to Byron Bay. Byron Bay is very close to Cape Byron, the easternmost point of mainland Australia. A lot of backpackers go through Byron Bay.

In Byron our team was one of many YWAM teams. All together there were around 140 YWAMers all ready to serve te Lord. We were at Byron Bay over the new year, so there were lots of people there for holiday.

While in Byron we spent pretty much the whole time doing evangelism. In the mornings we all went down to the beach for some beach evangelism. During this time we would play volleyball, football and other sports with random people we meet on the beach. We would then try to talk to them about Jesus if they were interested. We would also invite them to a time in the evening called ‘Pancakes and Chai’.

Pancakes and Chai was an amazing time. We would serve pancakes and chai tea to the people in Byron Bay. With some amazing live music playing, the atmosphere at pancakes and chai was wonderful and we all found it was very easy to talk to people about Jesus. One of our team members, Louis, spoke to one guy and he ended up becoming a Christian which is amazing.

Another great time of ministry happened when a few of us decided to start a beach football match and just invite everyone we see to join in. We ended up getting around 15-20 people to play with us and we invited them all the pancakes and chai. A few of them ended up coming and we got to share our faith with them!

Byron Bay was a really good experience. Having 140 young people all ready to spread the Gospel to people led to some amazing times. The presence of God was definitely present in Byron Bay.


After Byron Bay we drove up to Brisbane and flew over to the Islands of Vanuatu. We were based on the largest island in Vanuatu, Espiritu Santo. My 6 weeks in Vanuatu were the hardest, most rewarding and life changing weeks of my life. I expected my character to be impacted the most by the lecture phase of the DTS, but Vanuatu ended up developing my chracter more than I could imagine.

There are many things I learned during my time in Vanuatu, but one thing I learned to do was to totall rely on God for my strength. Pretty much the whole team realised that we couldn’t keep on going by our own strength but we would have to rely on God for strength. We all did this and God gave us strength! For a lot of the time we were ill and tired, but whenever it came to performing our skits and dances, telling testimonies and sharing from the Bible we would find that all our fatigue would go and that we would have renewed strength. A Scripture verse that really encouraged me was Isaiah 40:31.

The first 2 weeks in Vanuatu were spent in South Santo. We were based in our hosts village and would spend time getting to know the villagers, living the lifestyle of an islander and praying for the community. We found the first 2 weeks difficult because we weren’t seeing many things happen, but we were encouraged when 2 of the local villagers decided to stop working, leave everything behind and follow us to East Santo because they wanted to see more of what we were doing. These 2 men, Santi and Anderson ended up applying to do a DTS here in Sydney because of what they saw God doing through us!

For the next few weeks we were based in East Santo and North Santo. While in these places we continued to rely on God for strength and he continued to be faithful to us! In one village called Natawa we led a morning and evening devotions every day for a week and ended up having an impact on the villagers there.

After our time in Natawa we travelled into North Santo to a village called Big Bay. We were in Big Bay for a few days, while there we performed some skits and dances, gave testimonies and lead the church service. The chief of the village ended up asking us to stay for a few more weeks because of the impact we were having on th villagers. We couldn’t stay however, and ended up travelling back to East Santo to another village called Lathi.

While in Lathi we performed our skits and dances, led devotions in the homes of the villagers and continued to share the love of God to these people. Our base leader, Etienne, came over to Vanuatu and we ended up having 3 nights of a Crusade in Lathi and 2 other surrounding villages. At these crusades we would perform some skits and dances, Etienne would then share a message. In total I saw over 100 villagers come forward for prayer in these 3 villagers.

In our final week in Santo we led a mini DTS. During the mini DTS there would be 3 days of teaching from us and then 2 days of outreach. We ended up having around 22 people from all over the island come to the mini DTS and we had the pleasure to disciple them all and see them grow in their relationship with God.

We then travelled back to Sydney on February 17th, we will graduate on the 23rd and I will be flying back to England on the 25th.

I’ve tried to keep this blog post short enough to read but also include enough information about all the happenings of outreach. Hopefully it’s good.

Once again I just want to say thanks to everyone for your support. I will never forget the last 5 months of my life.

Thanks for reading,
God Bless,

© 2018 Tim Down Under